Get Involved

It’s time to advocate for change. The law must reflect our right to know our genetic identity.

Email us at [email protected] if you’re interested in volunteering.

Meet with your Legislator

Sometimes it may take an email plus a phone call or two, but meeting with your local legislators is rewarding. Most know nothing about MPEs issues. Here’s your chance to tell them your story, explain why MPEs are so important, and how a discovery of misattributed parentage will only continue to grow as more people utilized consumer DNA tests.

How an Idea Becomes a Law

This is a Quick Guide on the advocacy steps needed to effect change in your state. We are building a network of people who are on the ground making a difference in their state. Together we are strong! Together we can facilitate change in our legal system one law at a time.
  • Check out the classic but informative “I’m just a Bill Video” from School House Rock.
  • A busy but detailed overview of how an idea becomes a law in the U.S. Congress.