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Chosen Family: A Donor-Conceived Woman’s Journey to Redefining Family

 Author: Kiara Rae Schuh  Category:  Publisher: Kiara Rae Schuh LLC  Published: November 12, 2022  Pages: 208  Buy From Amazon

Chosen Family is both a memoir and a challenge against societal views on family. It is the story of how one woman re-imagined and redefined what makes a family by watching her own mother take the leap into solo motherhood through the use of a donor and how her community rallied around her. It is the story of navigating growing up in a single parent household, self-discovery, connecting with biological family members, and discovering that the happiness and closeness of a family depends not on shared DNA but on love and intentionality. Chosen Family gives you permission to define your family through a broader lens as Kiara reminds us: there is no one size fits all family.