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Exposed By DNA: A Path to Reveal Family Secrets

 Author: K. S. Hopkins  Category:  Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform  Published: September 24, 2018  ISBN: 1724669478  Pages: 188  Buy From Amazon

Exposed By DNA: A Path to Reveal Family Secrets is a personal journey searching for the truth after shocking results are revealed from an Ancestry DNA test. The man that raised me is not my biological father? One family, siblings with different DNA? It will keep you wanting to know what happens next. An innocent love letter written in 1954 started a chain of events that prompted an exploration of the dates of paternity for my sister Lucy. Never in a million years would I have thought that my, and all my siblings’ DNA would be in question. Science, in this case, has revealed what our parents never told us. A mother hiding more secrets? Unless we do DNA testing, do we know where we actually come from? Is family history being rewritten for families because of a little test called DNA? My family history changed. What I was told and believed growing up was half the truth. With the use of many DNA sites, including; 23andMe; (the site that helped identify the “Golden State Killer” suspect); FTDNA; and My Heritage, I have been able to map my own DNA and discover the truth. In this book I take you on my own personal journey searching for the truth, and searching for a man I didn’t know existed.