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Triple Helix: My donor-conceived story

 Author: Lauren Burns  Category:  Publisher: University of Queensland Press  Published: May 8, 2024  ISBN: 0702265438  Pages: 280  Buy From Amazon

Now you’re over twenty-one and back from overseas, I’ve decided it’s time to tell you something.

When Lauren Burns learns she is donor conceived she begins a turbulent journey to discover the identity of her biological father. Battling outdated legislation and a medical culture of silence, she enters a political campaign to pass world-first laws overturning decades of donor anonymity. She must also grapple with the radical rewriting of her history and sense of identity when she finally finds her biological father and discovers she’ s part of a well-known Australian family. Lauren’ s extraordinary story traverses the many moral and legislative dilemmas of assisted reproductive technology: the rights of the child and the donor, and the strange terrain to be navigated if and when the two parties ever meet. More than a memoir, Triple Helix is also a detective drama and a critical examination of the fertility industry. It will open eyes, hearts and minds to the complexities of donor-assisted conception from the other side of the crib.