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Who’s My Daddy?: A Tale of DNA Surprises and Discovery

 Author: Joel Gottfried  Category:  Publisher: Self-Published  Published: September 6, 2021  Pages: 129  Buy From Amazon

When he turned 69 Joel Gottfried received a DNA kit as a birthday present from his sister. What seemed like a routine cheek swab to help in his work as the family genealogist turned into a shocking discovery. The results showed he didn’t know who his biological father was. With his identity up in the air he began the journey to find out who his father was and the hidden circumstances behind his conception.

This is a modern-day DNA detective story filled with twists and turns along the way. It’s a story that examines the meaning of family and fatherhood as it studies the question of nature versus nurture. Through insightful storytelling and wry wit, Joel Gottfried explores where he came from, and how it influenced his life, and who he is today.