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(held on the first Sunday of each month at noon pacific time)

We invite speakers from all over the world to discuss their areas of expertise on issues pertaining to misattributed parentage.

All RTK Webinars are recorded and later accessible to the public. RTK reserves the right to use the webinars for any purpose. 

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  • Dec 18 – Thorny Legal Issues Raised by DNA TestsMaria Leonard Olsen, Attorney
  • Jan 22 – What to Ask Potential Therapists to Ensure a Good MatchMacy Oosthuizen, LCSW
  • Feb 19 – TBDSpeakers TBD


(held on the first Sunday of each month at noon pacific time)

Join us to strengthen community and connection with a licensed therapist who guides discussion on am MPE-focused theme. 

These events are not recorded.

Save the Dates

Community & Connection: Sunday Nov 6th, noon pm Pacific / 3:00 pm Eastern Time - Finding Direction After a DNA Discovery

Right to Know is sponsoring a 3-Part Art Therapy Community and Connection. Each session is designed to explore feelings and experiences associated with an MPE, regardless of how long it’s been since discovery. We will spend a brief amount of time laying the groundwork for the art directive and then move into creation. The latter half of the session will be a time for voluntary sharing. Participants should have basic art supplies on hand: paper, pens, pencils, markers, crayons, magazine images, glue sticks, scissors, and watercolor palette with brushes. (Essentially, whatever materials feel comfortable and inviting.) While creativity in this space can be therapeutic, it’s not intended to be therapy. Participants should be aware that strong feelings may occur and are encouraged to reach out to a therapist for processing if need be.

Join Stephanie Leftwich-Needham, LMHC, ATR-BC to create an image of your unique journey, wherever you are along the path.

Part I -Finding direction 11/6

A DNA discovery can be disorienting, leaving us wondering what the future holds and what steps we need to take to get there. And, the path frequently loops back upon itself, taking us through feelings we thought we’d already processed.

Part II -Finding STRENGTH 12/4

The holidays can be a difficult time, leaving us vulnerable to self-doubt and loneliness. Join us in a creative approach to developing a support system of strengths, allies, and self-care practices.

Part III -Finding SELF 1/8

People going through a Misattributed Parentage Experience remember that pivotal moment of discovery, the time they changed from “before” to “after.” Join us in creative expression of who you have been and who you are becoming.

I have spent much of my life seeking a way to blend a deep desire to help people with my need for creative practices. A love of stories led to studies in English and then teaching Rhetoric and Writing at the college level. While I enjoyed crafting language and analyzing texts, engaging with my students was most fulfilling. Time spent in Women Writing for (a) Change circles showed me the healing power of creative writing. I learned to facilitate groups that were highly therapeutic and decided to go a step further by becoming a therapist. Art therapy allows me to help people find healing through compassionate creativity.

Webinar: Sunday Nov 20 - noon pm PST / 3:00 pm EST

November is adoption awareness month. Join Marcie and Jennifer, co-founders of the National Association of Adoptees & Parents to hear about their journey and discuss the salient issues in the adoption community today.

Marcie’s background includes sales, management, operations, team development and leadership. She has served on a variety of boards such as Habitat for Humanity, United Way, Kiwanis International and Executive Director for her local Chamber of Commerce. She’s a First Mother in reunion since 2008, an adoptive mom, co-founded the Indiana Adoptee Network, and has testified multiple times over the years in support of original birth certificate (OBC) access. She also hosts a weekly Friday night virtual event, Adoption Happy Hour, with global attendance from the adoption constellation. Marcie is the author of The ShoeBox Effect, Transforming Pain Into Fortitude and Purpose as well as the co-author of Frankie and Friends Talk Adoption.

Jennifer resides in Indiana and she recently retired after working 20 years in the employment industry and is a licensed real estate Broker. She holds a BS in Business Management and her background includes education, training, sales, operations, and public speaking. As an Adoptee and First Mother she has a unique understanding of the challenges involved in search and the gamut of emotions experienced in reunion. In 2013, after three decades of searching she located both her mother and son within a 3-month period. In 2018, after years of rejection she finally reunited with her father days before his death. She has served on the board for the ISSA, joined Hoosiers for Equal Access to Records in 2015, and testified in 2015, 2016 and 2021 in support of OBC access legislation for Indiana Adoptees. In 2018, Jennifer was the recipient of the Angel in Adoption award.