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Join us for a 6-week group discussion (limited to 8 people) guided by a licensed therapist to build community and connection. Groups usually meet at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern for one hour. We have a new group starting each month. 

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Session II with Jodi Klugman-Rabb, PsyD, LMFT starts 7/17.

Annual conference united the adoption, assisted reproduction, and NPE communities to grow and heal together and impact change.

  • 2023 April Louisville KY
  • 2024 April Denver CO

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We invite speakers from all over the world to discuss their areas of expertise on issues pertaining to misattributed parentage.

(held on the first Sunday of each month at noon pacific time)

All RTK Webinars are recorded and later accessible to the public. RTK reserves the right to use the webinars for any purpose. 

Save the Dates

  • May 21 – Using Therapeutic Writing as a Healing Tool, with Eve Sturges, MA, LMFT and Ridghaus
  • June 25 – Documenting Our Journeys
  • July/August – holiday
  • Sept 24 – Language Lab


Join us to strengthen community and connection with a licensed therapist/social worker who guides discussion on an MPE-focused theme. 

(held on the first Sunday of each month at noon pacific time)

These events are not recorded.

Save the Dates

  • June 11 – When You Can’t Make it Better, How Not to Make it Worse, Sheridan Anderson, MA, LPC
  • July/August – holiday
  • Sept 10 – TBD,  Sasha Martone, LICSW

Community & Connection: Sunday 6/11 - noon PST / 3:00pm EST

When You Can't Make It Better—How Not to Make it worse

Join licensed therapist Sheridan Anderson as she helps us learn how to use dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills like mindfulness, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance to cope with our MPE.

Sheridan is a compassionate therapist and engaging speaker who specializes in supporting individuals navigating the complexities of misattributed parentage (MPE): Non-Paternity Events (NPE), Late Discovery Adoptees (LDA), and Late Discovery Donor Conceived People (LDDCP) . With personal experience of their own MPE event, Sheridan provides a safe and understanding space for clients to explore their identity, find healing, and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Drawing on expertise in high conflict relationships and family systems, she equips clients with vital coping skills and effective communication strategies. Whether seeking counseling support or an impactful speaker, she is here to guide you on your path towards understanding, resilience, and personal growth. 

Sheridan is licensed in Minnesota. Visit Sliding Doors Counseling.

Webinar: Sunday 6/25 - noon PST / 3:00pm EST

Documenting OUR JOURNEYS