There are hundreds of books, websites, podcasts, and articles available to people with a misattributed parentage. Severance Mag as an extensive list of resources. Check it out.


Identity Series (Tribeca Studios and 23andMe)

These are stories of discovery; stories of connection; stories of identity. 23 remarkable storytellers use their unique perspectives in search of discovering who they are. Everyone’s story is worth telling.

Turning Life’s Challenges Into a Force for Good, Maria Leonard Olsen



Access to Adoption Records, Child Welfare Information Gateway, June 2016. A list of each state with who can access adoption information and how to do it.

Victoria’s Sperm Donor Laws Yield Some Surprises, but Mostly Happy Ones, The Conversation, 29 March 2018.


The Children of Donor H898, The Washington Post By Ariana Eunjung Cha, 14 September 2019. Many children from donor H898 have severe autism – donor lied about his health.

Sperm Donor Who Discovered He Fathered at least 17 Kids—Most in the Same Area—Says Fertility Clinic Lied, The Washington Post by Meagan Flynn, 3 October 2019.

Washington State Woman’s DNA Test Told Her She Had a Different Father – Her Parent’s Fertility Doctor, The Seattle Times by Lindsey Bever, 3 April 2018.


How to Tell Your Child They’re Adopted, Psychology Today by Margarita Tartakovsky, MS, 8 October 2018. Great article about how to talk to your child about being adopted.

Talking to Your Children About Donor Conception, Psychology Today, 16 July 2019. Great article about how to talk to your children about their conception.


More than 26 million people have taken an at-home ancestry test, MIT Technology Review by Antonio Regalado, 11 February 2019.

The Paternity Myth: the rarity of cuckoldry, Discover: Science for the Curious by Razib Khan, 20 June 2010.


DNA Painter. A great tool for understanding your DNA results and matches and centimorgans.

DonorDeceived. A Website that tracks fraud in the fertility industry.

National Association of Adoptees and Parents.  Unifies the adoption community and elevates our diverse voices, by promoting dialogue, understanding, and healing through education, awareness, and connection.

Severance Magazine. Severance is a magazine/community for people who’ve been separated from biological family or have had surprising DNA test results.

We Are Donor Conceived. A resource center for donor conceived people around the globe and a place where donor-conceived people share their stories in order to inspire greater understanding about the unique challenges donor-conceived people face.

WARM. Washington Adoption Reunion Movement (WARM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to reuniting families separated by adoption since 1976 who serves adoptees, birth family members, and adoptive families in Washington state.

TED Talks

Can We Cure Genetic Diseases, by Rewriting DNA? by David R. Liu (Apr 2019)

Do Kids Think of Sperm Donors as Family, by Veerle Provoost (Dec 2016)

The Era of Personal DNA Testing is Here, by Sebastian Kraves (Sep 2016)

Identity Theft: How I Discovered My Secret Identity, by Albert Frantz (Dec 2015)

Listening to Shame, by Brene Brown (Mar 2012)

The Power of Vulnerability, by Brene Brown (Dec 2010)

Shooting Blanks: What Happens When Law Can’t Keep Up with Technology?, by Jody Madeira (Feb 2021)


Learn how to navigate the minefields and challenges of your over-the-counter DNA test through common sense information on genetics — and most importantly — prompt you to think about your wellbeing. Our presenters will share case studies to broaden your understanding in order to start a blueprint for taking a proactive approach to healthy living. Speakers include genetic counselor Brianne Kirkpatrick with Watershed DNA; genetic counselor Everett Lally with the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance; and attorney Dr. Jodi Madeira.

Held annually in the spring around the U.S. (click for a link of all past conferences). The American Adoption Congress (AAC) is an International organization devoted to family connections by providing the needed education on adoption, foster care, and assisted reproduction. The AAC also advocates for legislation on State and Federal levels which to grant all individuals access to information his or her family or heritage.

3-4 May 2019, New York University

2nd Annual Seattle Conference: DNA Surprise – We are Family

July 2019. This year we focused on anyone experiencing a DNA surprise first hand (or a family member or friend who has an MPE) by offering a day of learning and discussion about pertinent topics: legal, social, emotional, and DNA research.

United Nations Presentation by Donor-Conceived and Surrogacy-born People for the 30th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.