We partner with Adoptee Rights Coalition (ARC): an adoptee-led 501(c)(4) all-volunteer grassroots organization that educates and informs legislators about adoption-related issues.

We partner with DNAngels: DNAngels is a nonprofit search angel organization dedicated to assisting individuals searching for their biological parent(s) using DNA interpretation, mapping, and extensive research. For clients struggling with news of a Non Paternal Event (NPE, also referred to as Not Parent Expected), donor conception, or adoption, we offer support and fellowship in our private online group. Services to help find birth parents come at no cost to you, other relatives may require a fee.  https://m.facebook.com/groups/DNAngelsScreeningRoom/

We partner with Donor Deceived: Maintains an extensive list of fertility frauds

National Association of Adoptees and Parents (NAAP): Adoption community promoting education, collaboration, and advocacy.

DNA Surprises: A podcast and founding sponsor of DNA Surprise Retreat, a healing retreat for people who have experienced a DNA surprise.

U.S. Donor Conceived Council (US DCC): A DCP-led organization to increases awareness of the needs, interests, and challenges of DCP and advance change that promotes and protects their health, welfare, and human rights.

We partner with Severance Magazine: Maintains an extensive list of resources. and information for MPEs

We partner with Search Angels: an organization of volunteers with extensive experience in identifying genetic family to help people in their search.