What if you found out your parent was not in fact your biological parent? What is an NPE? It is a term that stands for Not Parent Expected or Non Paternity Event. It is used for people who have found out the life changing news that their parent wasn’t their biological parent. Most likely through the advent of home DNA kits. Join Lily Wood's Podcast as people with an NPE share their story of what their original family was like. How they found out they had an NPE. And what their journey has been like since the day they found out.



Imagine spitting into a tube, sending off your DNA, and unknowingly turning your life upside down. For me and thousands of others, this is our reality. I'm your host, Alexis Hourselt. In July of 2021, I discovered that I am an NPE - someone who has experienced a non-paternal event. In other words, my biological father isn't who I thought he was. This podcast shares the journeys of people who were shocked by a DNA discovery, mostly through modern DNA testing. We're telling the stories of NPEs, adoptees, and donor-conceived people and their families.


Everything's relative

With heart and humor, Eve Sturges explores the modern landscape of DNA testing after a single phone call turns her world upside down. By talking with others who have had "DNA discoveries," Eve hopes to change the conversation around secrets, shame, family, and identity.


You Look Like Me

Donor conceived journalist, Louise McLoughlin, delves deeper into the secrets, discoveries, and lives of donor conceived people while trying to find the man who, presumably, looks like her.


Who Am I really

Join Damon Davis as he talks with adoptees telling their own stories of life in adoption, their search for their birth family, and how their reunion attempt turned out. Stories that make you laugh, cry, or simply say "wow" in this amazing podcast.