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BIFF: Quick Responses to High-Conflict People, Their Personal Attacks, Hostile Email and Social Media Meltdowns

 Author: Bill Eddy  Category:  Publisher: Unhooked Books  Published: September 16, 2014  ISBN: 1936268728  Pages: 176  Buy From Amazon

We live in an age of rapid change and instant communication. We also live in a Culture of Blame and Disrespect, creating a need to manage our responses to high conflict people (HCPs). A BIFF Response® can be applied in any communication anywhere: in an email, a text message, on social media, or in a letter. It can be used at work, earning you respect and success. It can help you get along with difficult family members, friends, neighbors, and others anywhere in your life.

BIFF was designed to protect you and your reputation by responding quickly and civilly to people who treat you rudely while being reasonable in return. BIFF stands for Brief, Informative, Friendly, and Firm. A BIFF response is easy to remember, but hard to do. It takes practice! This first book in the Conflict Communication Series is for anyone dealing with high conflict written communications. Complete with instructions in the four-step BIFF method, and numerous practical examples, readers will learn the intricacies of stopping the back-and-forth messages and ultimately contain the conflict. (If you need to use BIFF with a co-parent, BIFF for CoParent Communication is just for you! And BIFF at Work is perfect for workplace communication.)