Right to Know a non-profit that advocates for people impacted by DNA surprises and misattributed parentage which can occur due to an adoption, assisted conception, or those conceived from a non-paternal event (NPE) through education, mental health initiatives, and advocacy to ensure our fundamental human right to know our genetic identity.


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Affiliated websites and groups

MPE Counseling Directory (www.MPECounseling.org): A list of licensed therapists by state with experience working with people with misattributed parentage. If you do not see a therapist in your state, call 323-TALK-MPE and we’ll help you find one.

MPE Education Classes and Informational Videos (www.MPE-Education.org): We offer classes and informational videos on topics related to misattributed parentage and DNA surprises. There are also classes available with continuing education credits for licensed therapists.


RTK Peer-Led Facebook Support Groups

DNA Identity Surprise & This MPE Life (https://www.facebook.com/groups/thismpelife): An inclusive support group for individuals with a DNA Surprise and those impacted a Misattributed Parental Experience (MPE) geared towards building friendships and encouraging lighthearted banter around our new Life with an MPE. 


MPE Cross Cultural Connections from a DNA Surprise (https://www.facebook.com/groups/mpeccc): An inclusive, intersectional support group for people with a DNA surprise and those impacted by a misattributed parentage experience (MPE) that offers a safe space to share, process, give and receive feedback, pool resources, and have discussions about the experiences, challenges, emotions and highlighting changes in ethnicity surrounding MPEs.


MPE Jewish Identity & DNA Surprise (https://www.facebook.com/groups/mpejewishidentitysurprise): This is an inclusive support group for individuals who through DNA testing have discovered Jewish heritage and in some cases lost it due to a DNA test and is a safe space to share, process, give and receive feedback, pool resources, and have discussions about the full range of experiences, challenges, and emotions of the MPE Jewish journey.


DNA Surprise Support for MPE Family and Friends (https://www.facebook.com/groups/dnasurprisesupportmpefamilyfriends): The ripple effects of a DNA surprise can affect so many individuals. This is an inclusive support group for family and friends of individuals impacted by a DNA surprise or a Misattributed Parental Experience (MPE).