We support people impacted by DNA surprises, genetic identity issues, and misattributed parentage experiences (MPE) which can occur due to an adoption, assisted conception, or those conceived from a non-paternal event (NPE) and promote understanding of the complex intersection of genetic information, identity, and family dynamics. 
We encourage engagement to facilitate and create real change and are an inclusive organization that assists everyone impacted by genetic identity issues including adoptees, donor-conceived, people with an NPE, birth parents, gamete providers, new genetic family, recipient parents, and raising families. In learning and growing from each other, we must put the voices of adoptees, donor conceived, and people with an NPE first.


We work with regulating and advisory bodies and organizations, educate policy makers, and propose legislation to promote our genetic identity rights.
We are working on federal legislation to prevent and deter fraud and negligence in assisted reproduction in the US.


Feb 19: Writing Your Journey, TBD.
March 5: Shame & Secrets, Annette Becklund, MSW, LCSW, NBCCH
March 19: The Power of Language to be the Broker of Identity, Dr. Stanley Dupinsky 3/30/23-4/1/23: Untangling Our Roots Summit


Classes for people impacted by a DNA surprise AND Continuing education clock hour courses for licensed therapists.
MPE 101 aspects core courses include: Identity, Loss & Grief, Reunion, and Ethical & Psychological Impacts.


A directory of licensed therapists with experience treating people with misattributed parentage and genetic identity issues (adoptees, DCPs, and people with an NPE).

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Call or send a request for assistance in identifying family, finding a therapist experienced with MPEs or a genetic counselor, or be paired with mentor.
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Will Nadeau

LOYAL. COMPASSIONATE. SELFLESS.  I was born in 1969 in Alabama. My mother is from central Florida, but during that time period she was staying with

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Organizations we with partner with and trust.
We work with groups that promote inclusivity, engagement, our communities' well-being, and our right to know our genetic identity.
We may travel a different path,
but we're headed to the same goal.


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3/30/23-4/1/23 in Louisville, KY
We are uniting the adoption, assisted reproduction, and NPE communities into one amplified voice.