Advancing our fundamental human right to know our genetic identity through education, mental health initiatives, and advocacy.

We advocate for people impacted by DNA surprises and misattributed parentage experiences (MPE) which can occur due to an adoption, assisted conception, or those conceived from a non-paternal event (NPE) and promote understanding of the complex intersection of genetic information, identity, and family dynamics. 

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Do you need to talk about MisattrIbuted Parentage?

Give us a call (323-825-5673) if you need to chat with someone who also had a DNA surprise, need advice about resources, or would like to be paired with a mentor (a fellow MPE to walk with you on your journey for a bit). Or request we reach out to you using the “323-Talk-MPE Contact Request” button below.

Give us a call, we're here for you, or...

**If you are thinking about suicide or worried about a friend, please call 800-273-8255 for immediate confidential support or dial 911.***


Sunday Feb 6th, noon-1:30pm PST

We meet with a licensed mental health professional to discuss aspects of MPEs.

Sunday Jan 23rd, noon-1:30 pm PST

We invite prominent professionals in their field to talk about various topics related to MPEs.

Peter J. Boni

AUTHOR. ADVOCATE. ENTREPRENEUR “Misattributed” was a term totally unfamiliar to me. Misaligned, misinformed, misappropriated, and other “mis” words I comprehended. Only when I faced my

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Our three pillars of service

Mental Health

Discovering you have an MPE is a life-changing event. Call our hotline at 323-TALK-MPE if you need to talk, need access to resources, or would like to be paired with an MPE mentor.

Take a moment to review our support section.

RTK advocates for access to trained mental health professionals to assist people impacted by a DNA surprise or an MPE on the path to healing. Visit the MPE Counseling Directory to find a licensed therapist near you. 

Meet our Mental Health Advisory Team.


We offer a variety of educational opportunities for people who’ve discovered they have an MPE and to help the public at large understand the complexities of such a discovery. We have monthly webinars and community connection meetups, classes on MPE topics, and can assist you with finding the resources you need.

If you’ve just had a DNA surprise, review our “First Steps Guide” or read this Great article.


We advocate for people with an MPE (adoptees, people conceived through assisted reproduction, and those with a non-paternity event) to promote our right to know our genetic identity to effect legislative and administrative change. Medical guidelines must be updated to reflect this right. Fertility fraud laws need to be enacted now making it a crime and to provide a clear path for a civil cause of action for any aspect of fraud in assisted reproduction. Any doctor who uses his own sperm should lose his license.

HERE is a list of states that have passed fertility fraud laws and where laws are proposed. We need your advocacy.

Visit Donor Deceived to learn more about fertility donor fraud.

People helping people grant semi-finalist 

organizations we partner with and trust

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