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Healing Tree: An Adoptee’s Story about Hurting, Healing, & Letting the Light Shine Through

 Author: Danielle Gaudette  Category:  Publisher: Self-Published  Published: April 14, 2022  ISBN: 0578351544  Pages: 216  Buy From Amazon

“Our adopted angel”-that’s what Danielle’s adoptive parents called her. She grew up adored, doted on, unconditionally loved. It wasn’t until she was in college that she first felt a gnawing curiosity about her roots. From time to time, she would wonder: Where did this face come from? Where did this body come from? Where did this blood come from? Her search to find her biological parents had begun -one full of surprises and revelations.

After reuniting with her birth mother-and uncovering the primal wound that lay deep within her-Danielle embarks on a twenty-year healing journey of self-discovery, reconciliation, and forgiveness.

At once a heartfelt memoir and a guide to self-awareness, Healing Tree offers a compassionate exploration of self, family, and what it means to be whole. Rooted in her twenty-year practice in Body & Brain holistic mind/body techniques, Danielle offers an approachable eight-step method for anyone wishing to heal from emotional or psychological wounds. This method invites readers to cultivate a loving relationship with their authentic selves and charts a pathway to inner peace.

For anyone who feels stuck, hurt, or rudderless in the sea of life, for anyone interested in doing the deep work of self-healing, becoming liberated, and realizing the potential to heal beyond themselves, Healing Tree is a source of direction, inspiration, and hope.