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I Had My Underwear On The Entire Time: A Memoir of Discovering Family through Genetic Genealogy

 Author: Michael Blair  Category:  Published: November 14, 2020  ISBN: 0578806126  Pages: 296  Buy From Amazon

One day when he was eighteen, Michael Blair was lounging on the living room sofa when his mother shut off the vacuum and turned his world upside down. “Craig is not your read dad,” she suddenly told him. Stunned by the news, Michael discovered that this was a secret his entire family had kept from him. Two years later Michael began the search for his biological father. Wading through years of untruths and talking to people who were not forthcoming, Michael spent the next twenty-five years following clues and leads, all resulting in more questions and dead end roads. Finally, as with many adoptees, science caught up with the impossible and Michael was able to use a home DNA test to uncover the identity of his biological father. He quickly realized that the answer he had searched for came with many consequences. Finding his biological father was not the end of his journey, like he had hoped. Instead, he discovered that it was just the beginning.I Had My Underwear On the Entire Time is a book about secrets. It’s the story about a forty-five-year-old mystery that gets unearthed and the aftermath that follows. This book is for those who carry secrets and also for those who are the keepers of secrets. It is also for the few who seek answers to their own mysteries. I Had My Underwear On The Entire Time can serve as a guide to those on a quest and it showcases the author’s successes and missteps along the way. This book may motivate people who find themselves in a similar situation and may prove that they are not alone.