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Identity Crisis

 Author: Ereka Howard  Category:  Publisher: Bobm Publishing, LLC.  Published: July 4, 2022  Pages: 106  Buy From Amazon

This book was written for people of all ages, cultures, backgrounds and lifestyles. Whether you have experienced mental illness or not, this book is for you. With true stories captivated with humor and logical aspects tied into research, this book will give you a deeper understanding of not only my story but your own. Identity crisis is defined as a mental state. This book will help you and motivate you. Within this book I intentionally open myself up to you in hopes of you becoming more comfortable and knowing that you are not alone. Human Growth and Development refers to change or growth in human beings with age. Sometimes we don’t understand why things happen and depending on who you are, you can look at a crisis as being a negative thing. When in all actuality a crisis can allow us to develop a stronger identity. So, what is your Identity Crisis?