(Click for more terms - DC: Donor Conception, NPE: Non-Paternal Event, MP: Misattributed parentage)

you are not alone - 1 in 20 have MISATTRIBUED PARENTAGE

We support everyone impacted by genetic identity issues and loss of genetic continuity from adoption, assisted reproduction, or non-paternal events (NPE) and promote understanding of the complex intersection of genetic information, identity, and family dynamics.
We encourage engagement to facilitate and create real change and are an inclusive organization that assists adoptees, donor-conceived, people with an NPE, birth parents, gamete providers, new genetic family, recipient parents, raising families, and significant others. In learning and growing from each other, we must put the voices of adoptees, donor conceived, and people with an NPE first.

OUR IMPACT: Direct Assistance for 2655 Adoptees/DCP/People with an NPE, Impacted 6872 Families, and Reached Over 53,159 People in 14 Countries and ALL U.S. States

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OUR Stories

Monica Hall

Adopted during infancy, Monica’s childhood is marked by trauma and dysfunction. As a teenager, she dulls her pain with risky behavior and petty crime. In adulthood, she turns to drugs

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Atlanta GA, March 12-15, 2024